• How I got into Tech?

    I was inspired to enter the tech community after my graduate studies at Dartmouth College.


    I found a mentor that taught me marketing and I started a business.


    I decided to take the plunge and move to San Francisco, where I found my first job.


    I love supporting leaders, and occasionally I'm able to bring in my marketing chomps to help out.


    Below are samples and client testimonials from my portfolio days.

  • "Nicholas was initially going to help with an email marketing campaign, but it quickly led to a landing page redesign and greater brand strategy dialogue. His listening skills are incredible and he effectively whittles down large problems into specific objectives--offering a roadmap for solving them as if he's known you and your company for a long time. He's totally over-delivered for us and has been a pleasure to get to know both professionally and personally. I can't wait to work with him again soon."


    -Chris Gerding, Founder and CEO at Boomalang

  • "Nicholas is the ultimate creative professional. He created a great brand story, doubled our Instagram following, increased our following on other social platforms, and drove more engagement to our landing page- not to mention shooting and editing great photos and video for the purpose."


    -Ashley Parkes, CEO at Aloncii



    Past and current projects

    Acquisition + Live Event Campaign: 30 Sales Qualified Leads


    Created and managed an acquisition strategy for lead generation to Boomalang's language learning platform during its beta phase. Planned and executed a timeline of events leading up to ACTFL Conference, including raffle strategy to collect contacts, promotional merchandise design, electronic process to schedule demonstrations with CEO, marketing materials (flyers, banners, event booth, pitch deck, and explainer video outlining Boomalang experience), and follow up process with contacts. Event resulted in over 200 contacts and 30 signups to Boomalang demonstration with founder and CEO.

    PR + Launch Event Campaign: 150 in Attendance + Media Coverage

    Urban Green Lab

    Managed a team of four in the coordination of a press event for Urban Green Lab's Mobile Lab Launch. Established communications strategy to reach out to print and television sources to establish relationships with the media and cover launch event. Engaged political figures, bloggers and nonprofits to connect organization to leaders across Nashville in sustainability and environmental sectors. Focused on middle school and high school principals attending the event to increase sign-ups for the Mobile Lab's workshops. Campaign resulted in 150 event attendees, social media shares, coverage by television news, 2 state and local newspapers and established 5+ leads to Mobile Lab workshops.

    Crowdfunding Campaign: Raising $10,000 in Funds

    Oakland Catholic Worker

    Creating and coordinating live event and online strategies targeting Oakland Catholic Worker's top donors to raise $10,000 for the organization's building renovation project. Creating crowdfunding landing page and outreach materials (pamphlets and brochures) in addition to social media campaign to engage target audiences outside of the organization's network. Coordinating live event for donors of the campaign.


  • Facebook Ads Campaign: $875 in Ticket Sales (6x ROI)

    A.S.H.E.S the CHOSEN

    Created an advertising campaign to promote performing artist's concert and increase ticket sales. Created two promotional videos to run ads engaging target audiences: fans of A.S.H.E.S the CHOSEN's and targeted demographic (age, location) with a shared interest of old school hip-hop and Pete Rock & CL Smooth. Ran ads promoting event page to target audiences using original designs. Created outreach strategy to personally follow up with engaged audience on Facebook ads. Over 50% of ticket sales were achieved through the ads, resulting in 6x the ROI of the original budget.

    Instagram Campaign: 1,000 Organic Followers


    Created a 30 day content calendar to build brand awareness and visibility for Aloncii. Engaged, photographed and recorded 4 fashion bloggers and influencers for a visual album shared across company's social media channels. Increased user acquisition and engagement on all platforms, including shares from fashion influencers' social media channels. Acquired 1,000 organic followers on Instagram. Created a promotional video for CEO's future engagement with boutiques and delivered photographs to be used in additional promotional content.

    Brand Development: Increased Visibility and Shares

    Dartmouth Graduate Studies Office

    Increased communication and engagement between the Graduate Studies Office and graduate schools across campus. Created an admissions video used by the Director of Graduate Recruiting during conferences and recruitment events for Dartmouth College.

    • Admissions video used by Graduate Recruitment Director of Dartmouth at conferences and recruitment events across the country.
    • Increased Weekly Facebook impressions (8x) and reach (10x)
    • Increased traffic to The Graduate Forum posts
    • Created widely shared and retweeted content by Dartmouth College and graduate schools across campus
    • Increased the open and click-through rates of The Graduate Forum mailing list

  • eCommerce Campaign: $1,000 in Merchandise Sales

    Verbal Clothing Co.

    Created and designed an eCommerce store (Shopify) for selling the merchandise of SmG Music. Developed brand of Verbal Clothing Co. and used influencers congruent with the company's brand to be featured in a social media campaign utilizing cross-platform promotion. Campaign resulted in $1,000 in merchandise sales and increased engagement across social media channels of SmG Music members.

    Facebook Campaign: Generated 200+ Mailing List

    The Neighborhoods Resource Center

    Created a 3-week social media strategy for an annual event. Generated a mailing list of over 200 attendees and created a promotional video for engagement with donors.

    Web Design: Increased Engagement and Contacts

    Latria Graham

    Created design and content for LatriaGraham.com, as well as original photographs for the website and feature in The Guardian. Increased engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

  • "Nicholas came in and within a couple of days had a great strategy for us. Shortly after we approved his ideas, he was up and running. We had so many people compliment us (online and off) about our campaign. Nicholas was excellent at finding out who the key individual and groups that we needed to target were."


    -Jim Hawk, Executive Director at Neighborhoods Resource Center


    Collateral from previous projects

    Live Event Booth

    Created all assets for Boomalang's exhibit display, including:

    • Vertical banner
    • Table cloth
    • Custom merchandise (mugs, stickers, and pens)
    • Product video (playing in background)

    Web Design

    Created the first iteration of the lifestyle eCommerce store, Verbal Clothing Co.

    Brochure (tri-fold)

    Brochure created for Oakland Catholic Worker.

    Blog Features

    Created and promoted content for influencers featured on blogs and social media (scroll down for blogs).

    Facebook Ads

    A/B testing collateral on Facebook to optimize ad performance.

    Slideshow / Sales Deck

    Sample slide from a template created for Boomalang's presentations / sales deck.

  • "Nicholas really hit the ground running when he joined our team. Not only did he take the initiative to develop and strengthen our social media engagement, he developed a series of high quality multi-media campaigns and produced excellent videos for recruitment and engagement. Highly productive and creative, Nicholas was a pleasure to work with and excelled in every project he was tasked with."


    -Amanda Skinner, Dartmouth College



    Additional video content from marketing and community campaigns during my journey at GearLaunch.

    Company Welcome Video

    Created for email drip campaign targeting new users

    Facebook Advertisements

    Created to promote new product and drive inbound leads

    Contest Promotions

    Promo for contest to reduce user churn and increase revenue

    Educational Content Strategy

    Content created to educate and engage GearLaunch community

  • "Nicholas and I have been working together at Honor for over a year. He joined our team during a high growth period and jumped right into the work, which truly helped the whole team move forward faster and stronger. He is always eager to learn and grow, as well as share his own expertise and learnings with others. And it’s truly incredible working with Nicholas because he brings strategy and execution with great energy and organization. I appreciate working with him on creative and challenging projects together and look forward to more in the near future!"


    -Natasha Vianna, Marketing and Communications professional




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